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New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery

Juliana Lethdetter教授によってcuratedされた展覧品「セカンド・ライフのマップ」のホーム。

Many thanks to all the talented artists who contributed their works to our Travelling exhibition, and special congratulations to BeccaGiselle, Michiel Bechir, Aryluke and Ursula Floresby, our 2013 Award Winners!

The show will continue to be open through the end of the New Year, and beyond.

Professor Juliana Lethdetter*
Curator, NKLG

BeccaGiselle、Michiel Bechir、ArylukeおよびウルスラFloresbyに特別の祝賀を寄付した、私たちの2013年の受賞者!


 この地球儀みたいなのはタッチで同じのもらえました 10プリくらい


Madame JULIANA LETHDETTER is the resident artist and curator of the New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Académie d'Esprit, having studied photography for 6 years under the tutelage of the late Maître Gilbert Dion, and serves as the acting professor of Liberal Arts & Cross-Disciplinary Studies at Sainte Jeanne du Nouveau Paris Women's Conservatory (Conservatoire des Femmes de Sainte Jeanne du Nouveau Paris), near Méliès Crater.

She spends entirely too much time looking at maps.

M. Lethdetter has been known to archive examples of her compositions at the following aetheric frequency-- http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianalethdetter/.  The work displayed within the Lighthouse represents her personal collection, and is not for sale;  however, she is happy to share for academic purposes, and welcomes inquiries regarding portraiture, commission work and/or showings.  Interested parties may forward such inquiries to her via notecard.
DRAGONIA DECUIR is the owner and architectural designer behind Dragon Magick Wares, a building store specializing in low Land-Impact fantasy homes and other eclectic merchandise.  She was the creator of the original 2011 Lighthouse design on which this new structure is based, and is the person primarily responsible for the overall aesthetic and landscaping of the New Kadath region.  She has previously modeled for the clothing stores Sn@tch and Nightshade, currently models for Miamai, and has been the recipient of awards in several fashion photography contests. 

She owns four different Ozimals bunnies, three swans and more Meeroos than she can easily keep track of.
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